... to Sv. Dominik (St. Dominic) Restaurant & Cocktail Bar in Trogir, Croatia.
We are settled in 13th century Dominican monastery on Trogir Waterfront, with terrace by the church walls and under the palm trees ...

What we offer: always fresh domestic food, smooth and fancy cocktails, "feal - like - home" service and unique athmosphere.

Come and check on us this summer!!!!

Restaurant & Bar

 Restaurant & Bar "Sv. Dominik" is located on Trogir Waterfront, the most popular area for all guests coming in Trogir. Situated in 13th century Dominican monastery, just in the middle of the Waterfront, we are perfect location for your morning coffee, afternoon refreshing drink or late night dinner with cocktail for desert.

Cocktail Bar is open from April to October from 08:00h to 01:00h next morning for your favorite drink.

To have the most "exotic" fish and meat meal in Trogir, visit our restaurant from 10:00h untill 24:00h.

The Philosophy

 What St. Dominic means to us?
- Everything. This is our dream and our dream came true. Now, it is almost 13 years since we started offering a fresh and unique food and cocktail menu, so different and little bit "off", compared with other Trogir's restaurants gastronomy offer. We've shaken and still shaking ...

Why is it so special?
- When we are preparing our food & cocktails, we prepare it like it's for us, or like we do it at home, to our dear friends. We don't just sell food & drinks, we are spicing it up with Dalmatian soul and a sincere smile ...

What others said about us?
- Trogir OnLine: " Smart food & fancy drinks - the role for one of the coolest places in Trogir. Daily mix of fresh shells, exotic pizzas & pastas, cocktails, jazz music and friendly atmosphere in the shadows of the 13th century Dominican monastery. "

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Contact us

Sv. Dominik - Restaurant & Cocktail Bar

Address: Blazenog Augustina Kazotica 1, HR/21220 Trogir

Tel: +385 (0) 21 881 857

E-mail: info@svdominik.com

Note: If you have some special wishes or requests, cocktail parties, anniversaries or celebrations, please do not hesitate to contact us